Monday, November 9, 2009

I love kitties

Yappy dogs. Can't live with them, can't ship them away to Abu Dhabi (shout out to Garfield!). Apartment 1B has two of them and they bark from the second their owner leaves until she comes back home, even if it's for five hours, and more than once it has been. I wrote her a polite little note letting her know about the problem, unsigned of course out of fear she might want to cut me. Now, naturally, I harbored some anger for this girl because the dogs were driving me batty, but now I can say I pitty her. I pity her because I realized the dogs are driving her crazy too. Since I left the note, I've heard her several times screaming bloody murder at the dogs to shut up and stop biting (I'm hoping it's each other and not her). I'm thinking about writing another note, breaking the news to her that dogs don't speak English. You have to actually train them to not bark or bite.

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