Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ruminations on This Week

Things that occurred this week:

- Credit card and cash actually blew out of my purse and down the street. I managed to recover the card but not the cash.
- Went to the gym and when I got home to shower there was no hot water. The hot water got fixed only to not work again this morning.
- Got on a 5 train downtown that only went as far as Grand Central and let us out on the uptown track; transferred to a 4 train that took nearly 30 minutes to get to Wall Street. I was only slightly late to supervise a TV shoot with one of Tiger Woods' mistresses (for serious).
- Left my house without my wallet and only realized it when I got to the subway and had already swiped my Metro Card. I walked back to my apartment, got my wallet and when I swiped my card again it said "just used." An incredibly nice man offered to swipe me through with his card. Nice people do exist in New York!
- My best friend got bodychecked into a building by a crazy homeless guy.
- I hit on a guy at a bar dressed as Elmo.
- I met Robyn Byrd, queen of late night smutty TV, at a party.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Taking Multi-Tasking to a New Level

Twas my birthday this week and I had me a little party; nothing special, just drinks with friends at a pub. I lost track of drinks after number 5 but I can hold my shit so it was all good. The same could not be said for a guy I saw on the street as I was heading to the subway. It's not uncommon to see someone puking in the streets at 2am on a Saturday night, but this guy was running down Bleecker Street like he was running for his life, phone to his ear and twisting his head to the side to puke midstride. I could only watch in horror as a couple he was heading straight for froze like deer in headlights. I really thought he was going to knock them over and puke all over them but at the last moment he zigged and they zagged and a major catastrophe was avoided. When I finally caught up to him at the end of the block the poor bastard was still puking.