Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ruminations on This Week

Things that occurred this week:

- Credit card and cash actually blew out of my purse and down the street. I managed to recover the card but not the cash.
- Went to the gym and when I got home to shower there was no hot water. The hot water got fixed only to not work again this morning.
- Got on a 5 train downtown that only went as far as Grand Central and let us out on the uptown track; transferred to a 4 train that took nearly 30 minutes to get to Wall Street. I was only slightly late to supervise a TV shoot with one of Tiger Woods' mistresses (for serious).
- Left my house without my wallet and only realized it when I got to the subway and had already swiped my Metro Card. I walked back to my apartment, got my wallet and when I swiped my card again it said "just used." An incredibly nice man offered to swipe me through with his card. Nice people do exist in New York!
- My best friend got bodychecked into a building by a crazy homeless guy.
- I hit on a guy at a bar dressed as Elmo.
- I met Robyn Byrd, queen of late night smutty TV, at a party.

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