Monday, March 22, 2010

I look friendly, even when I'm barfing.

I had the great misfortune to come down with some nasty food poisoning this weekend, which I think may be from a funky steak at Outback (that's what I get for being a New Yorker and eating at a chain restaurant) or the cheap-ass nasty hot dogs at Gray's Papaya. What's worse is I started to feel ill right in the middle of a Broadway show. I somehow made it through the whole show without tossing my cookies, and decided to take the subway home because getting a cab near Times Square on a Saturday night just wasn't going to happen. I get onto the platform when a wave of nausea hits me, and I start to hover next to the garbage can. Right before I'm about to puke a guy comes over to me to ask if he's on the correct side of the tracks. I just tell him yes (which was wrong) and puke as he walks away. Not one damn minute later, I'm hanging onto the garbage can and some other shmuck comes up to me and asks me if this is the uptown side!!! I mean, really people? Was everyone else on the platform so damn scary that your only alternative was to ask the vomitting girl for help? Or, how about looking at the enormous signs all over the subway!!


  1. Well, they say that NYC is a hotbed for really strange fetishists. You sure those guys didn't have their cameraphones whipped out?

  2. Ha! That would actually make more sense to me than a dude just being so oblivious to the fact that I was puking.