Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Second Ave Subway: Opening 2000 Never

When my father was just a boy growing up in Borough Park, Brookyln, the Second Ave Subway project began. My dad is just a few years away from retirement now, and I live an avenue over from the Second Ave. subway construction. The MTA has had decades to get this project right and yet I guess it never occured to them that perhaps blasting holes in the middle of the road with dynamite might not be so good for anything - people, business and and homes - on Second Ave. Tennants are actually being made to evacuate their homes and put up in hotels because the blasting has made buildings so unstable. Now I ask, while the idea of a Second Ave. subway sounds amazing, I've lived here for 10 years without one and managed just fine. Is it really necessary to go ahead with the project if it means destroying every business and home on the street along the way? I'm going to say NO! The express bus works just fine.

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