Monday, October 19, 2009

All is fair in hailing a cab.

Let me take you back a few years to a classic "so over New York" moment. Picture it. Sicily. 1936. Oh, wait. Sorry, I was channeling Sophia of the Golden Girls. Eh hem. Picture it. Union Square. 2000 something. It's raining cats and dogs and my roommate and I are soaked to the bone. We're desperately trying to get a cab to take us home, but so is almost everyone else standing around us. The water is ankle deep in the streets, but what luck! A cab sees us and signals that he is going to pull up the block a bit so we don't have to cross an enormous lake to get into the cab. I'm about to reach out and open the door when out of no where a douche bag extraordinaire pushes in front of me and tries to get in. Oh, but bless this cab driver (and I never say that) because he sees the guy trying to steal the cab from us and locked the door! Brilliant! The D-bag keeps trying to open the door so I say curtly, "Sir, this is our cab. He pulled over for us." When he doesn't move away, I just kind of snap and say, in a somewhat civil tone, "Sir, I will punch you in the face." Apparently, he was one of those pansy douche bags because he backed away. The funny thing is I didn't even realize what I said until my roommate asked "Did you just tell that guy you were going to punch him in the face?" "Um yeah, yeah I did. And it worked!

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