Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time for a morning beat down

Being packed into the 6 train every morning like human cattle just isn't the best way to start the day. You've barely wiped the crust out of your eyes and some dude is shoving you with all his might into the people around you just to get onto the train. Oh, and he always has some extra big package or briefcase that jabs you in the ribs and manages to grab your ass. I will never understand why people shove to get on the train considering there's a train every two damn minutes during the morning rush, but I guess the manager at McDonald's gets angry if the fat vats aren't emptied by 10am.

This morning two subway riders decided to push the wrong damn people. I couldn't even see the first incident, but I heard the explosion of profanity come out a woman's mouth as she hollered at some guy who just pushed her. She did such a good job of berating him he didn't even retort. Hell, she even frightened me. Good job honey! About two stops later, I barely even heard any words exchanged before a pair of glasses flew in the air and two guys were beating each other up. I finally got a glimpse of the idiots when they spilled out of the train onto the platform at 68th Street. As far as fights go though, they were both wusses. They were just kind of locked up, hugging each other like two tired boxers. Lame! Oh, I forgot to mention these two brainiacs started to fight right next to a stroller with a baby in it and nearly tipped it over. Class acts all around.

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